Issue 1 - 2018

Tecmerin. Journal of Audiovisual Essays is a biannual, peer-reviewed journal that attempts to fill an inexistent space within the research fields of Communication and Popular Culture, creating an exchange platform for researchers, audiovisual creators and teachers. This journal is part of the activities of the research group Tecmerin (Television, Cinema, Memory, Representation and Industry) of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Department of Journalism and Media Studies).

In the last years, researchers from different fields have turned towards audiovisual creation as part of their scientific output, beyond writing academic articles or books. In the contemporary digital era, it seems increasingly appropriate and relevant to utilize audiovisual language as a communication tool with the scientific community and wider audiences. Consequently, this journal tries to create an analytical forum that is suitable for novel formats in terms of research and audiovisual creation.

TecmerinJournal of Audiovisual Essays specifically focuses on Spanish and Latin American cultural production, although we are open to receive other proposals. Consequently, we specifically invite scholars, researchers and creators to send pieces centered on the production, consumption, circulation and cultural exchange within these geographical areas.

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The Wind from the East
Enrique Fibla Gutiérrez (Filmoteca de Catalunya) – 9:40

This video essay recreates an imagined film made from fragments of Earth and Old and New and their echoes in films made during the Spanish Republic such as La Ruta de Don QuijoteGalicia, and Las Hurdes.

Solar Quadrant
Luis Lechosa, artista audiovisual – 22:07

Reflection on the gaze of the sun in cinema. The film, in a cyclic and diagrammatic way, articulates dialogues between twenty-four authors. A montage that, like a clock, superimposes the images with the sun as its central axis.

Arturo Rodríguez Bornaetxea (UPV/EHU) – 11:42

Jaime Davidovich (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1936 – New York 2016) was a multidisciplinary artist. His work was especially ground breaking in as much as he transferred his artistic project onto television.

A view from memory and migration in the documentary Flores de Luna (2008, Juan Vicente Córdoba)
Daniel David Muñoz (UC3M) – 10:00

This video essay analyzes Flores de Luna (2008), first feature length documentary written and directed by Juan Vicente Córdoba. It is an audiovisual work that deals with the memory and the present of El Pozo del tío Raimundo, a working-class neighbor in Madrid’s periphery.

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