Tecmerin. Journal of Audiovisual Essays launches its CFP for issue 9. It is a biannual, peer-reviewed journal, which also offers a monographic dossier each year. This journal is published by the research group Tecmerin (Television, Cinema, Memory, Representation and Industry) of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Department of Media).

The journal focuses on Spanish and Latin American cultural production, although not exclusively. Consequently, we especially invite scholars, researchers and creators to send pieces centered on the production, consumption, circulation and cultural exchange within these geographical areas.

Instructions for authors:

Researchers and creators may send their audiovisual essays to one of the following sections: 

  1. Video-Essays: audiovisual essays that offer a critical take on diverse aspects of cinema, television and popular culture.
  2. Creators: experimental or documentary pieces that approach a specific cultural topic, as long as it is related to the history of audiovisual media.

Video-Essays must be uploaded on VIMEO, as private. Each author will send the following information to this email tecmerinrevista@uc3m.es: 

  1. Vimeo url address.
  2. Password for video.
  3. 500-800 word text, presenting the video in word format (also anonymous).

Deadline: April 15, 2022.

Videos cannot contain the name of the author to facilitate the blind peer review.

Language: Video essays can be in any language with Spanish or/and English subtitles.

Length: the preferred length of the video essays is 10-15 minutes, approximately.

The presentation text must be in Spanish or English. If the video is accepted, we recommend authors to include the presentation text and subtitles both in Spanish and English in order to increase the visibility of their pieces.

Authors who publish an audiovisual essay will have to wait 1 year to publish again.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at tecmerinrevista@uc3m.es